After eighteen years of teaching literature Michael Twist decided to try his hand at writing some of his own. Always fascinated by human nature, Michael's stories often focus on the decisions people make and the internal conflicts they experience in doing so.
Michael's short story "Ties That Bind" won the 2011 William Faulkner Riverfest Literary Competition. His short story "Americans Do Love Their Cars" won the 2011 Quid Novi Festival Writing Contest. Also in 2011, Michael placed second in the Writers' Journal, Write to Win Contest with his short story, "Nearly Perfect." In 2012 Michael placed two stories ("Tea in Chesapeake" and "Dear John") in the finals of the Thomas Wolfe Fiction Prize sponsored by the North Carolina Writers' Network as well as making the finals in the Press 53 Open Awards Competition with his short story "Out on a Limb." His micro-fiction has been short-listed numerous times in the Flash 500 competitions.
Michael lives near Sandy Oregon with his wife, two daughters and Labrador.

Read the short story Tea in Chesapeake
Contact Michael at:  info@michael-twist.com                                                                                         Find Michael on Facebook at: Michael Twist

Short But Seldom Sweet Micro-fiction - click to buy

The eighteen micro-fiction stories contained herein are all five hundred words or fewer; more often than not ending with a twist, and a dark one at that.  Two additional bonus stories are included.

 Estimated length is 42 pages.

Twist's Tales - Vol. l  - click to buy

Ten stories featuring ten individuals in situations, both common and uncommon, that draw on a full range of emotions.  From a woman's blind date; to a teen making a career choice; to a soldier returning home; to a man with a long held regret; to a substitute teacher; to a prisoner's dilemma: these thought-provoking stories will stay with you for days.

Estimated length of this book is 130 pages.

Full of Choices - Twist's Tales Vol. ll - click to buy

Volume Two of Twist's Tales focuses on the impact of decisions we make.  Many of the stories feature choices or dilemmas in the midst of all that the human condition throws our way.  

Estimated length of this book is 224 pages.

Touch of Beyond - Twist's Tales Vol. lll - click to buy

Fifteen stories, many ending with a twist; endowed with a tiny splash of paranormal that pushes them just beyond the realm of normal life.  These stories will leave you thinking for days.

Estimated length is 200 pages.

Elements of Darkness - Twist's Tales Vol. lV click to buy

Fifteen tales of psychological terror demonstrating mankind's darker side.  Greed, revenge, malice and antipathy weave their way through these stories that occasionally feature language and violence not present in previous volumes of Twist's Tales.

Estimated length is 225 pages.